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Hanoi Motor Tour - For many travelers heading to Vietnam, hiring a motor bike to explore the sights is becoming ever popular. From 6USD a day, it’s a cheap and exciting method of travel!

* What many don’t realise is that the traffic conditions, roads and rules are extremely different to what we know from home. At home, rules are strictly (in most cases) adhered to and generally speaking, drivers in the west stay on the correct side of road, stop at red lights and don’t carry water buffalo’s on their scooters!
So if you’re hanging out to feel the wind through your hair, read these simple tips and make it an enjoyable and safe journey!.
1. Protect Your Head - Vietnam Law now requires drivers and passengers of motor bikes to wear a helmet. It is really just common sense, but make sure you don a helmet!

2. Learn Before Your Ride - Many travelers have had none or limited experience riding motor bikes before they hire a bike. If that’s you, ask someone for a 5 minute run down on where things are, how to start/stop/accelerate etc. It really makes sense to learn this stuff!

3. Left and Right - A common cause of accidents in Vietnam is travelers riding and then forgetting which lever is the brake and which is the gear lever. Left are gears, right is brake! Forget it, and you may just hit that wall......................!

4. Think Right - Many countries drive on the left, in Vietnam they drive on the right. So always think right, especially when you turn a corner!

5. Expect The Unexpected - Regardless of where you are in Vietnam, someone will drive in front of you, cut you off, run the red light or kids will run onto the road. This is the only guarantee on Vietnam roads, so expect the unexpected!

vietnam motorbike tours6. Parking - Don’t just leave your bike anywhere, most cities have parking areas to leave your moto. Most cost around 2,000VND and are open until 10pm (some earlier). Hold on to the ticket to get your bike back!

7. Fuel Up - When you rent a motor bike, most will come with no petrol. So make sure you check the tank (don’t trust the fuel gauge) and if required, find out where you can purchase fuel.

8. Biggest Wins - Very simple! Biggest vehicle has right of way. Buses, cars and trucks are best avoided, they hurt!

9 - Statistics don’t lie - Vietnam, like most countries, has it’s fair share of idiots on the road, don’t be a sheep and follow them. Statistics don’t lie - thousands of people die on the roads ever year. Drive safely and make the most of your experiences in Vietnam!    

Plz Remember that " No safe , no fun "

" Make your ways easier"


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Travel Tips
Motorcycle Riding Tips
Vietnam History
Vietnam Culture
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Travel Tips

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