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 About Hanoi Motor Tour About Hanoi Motor Tour , City Motor Tour, Off Road - Adventure Motorcycle Tours,Roadshow Lx, Motorbike Rentals In Hanoi

 Thank you customers for your trusting and using our services on rental motorbikes. We guess you have felt comfortable with our professionalism and enthusiasm while using our service. We hope you will as well be trusting and using the services provided by Hanoi Motor Tour such as: taxi motor, friendly taxi motor using automatic parameter, mails and goods delivering service, students/bureaucrats drop off/pick up service, and all those are relating to transportation by motorbikes.

History and staffs:

   In summer 2008, Hoang and his friends who are passionate on travelling and touring discovered new adventurous ring roads in Northeastern and Northwestern regions. They went by motorbikes giving charities to some villages and children on the ways they passed by. After such a long journey, they have decided to provide motorbike-for-rent service started with the website and now is .

Mr. Alan Hoang, director of Hanoi Motor Tour (HMT), on the occasion of being interviewed by reporters, said:

“We did not choose Motorbike for rent in Hanoi as a tool to make money because in 2008, there are many chances such as real estate, stock, etc, to make money much better than renting. However, due to our passion on touring and adventuring, we created a playground for all brothers and sisters who love touring in the North in general and in Hanoi in particular. We are also positive members of forums and Many people throughout Vietnam know about us and our playground that contributes to building and advertising Vietnamese nation’s image.”

“Although the country is still poor, and people from mountainous areas still have to work hard, from the bottoms of their hearts, Vietnamese people always warmly welcome all friends from other provinces and from other countries.”, Hoang added.

With a few automatic and semi-automatic motorbikes for rent at first, Hanoi Motor Tour well met the need of customers to travel around Hanoi. Gradually, more and more people have known about Hanoi Motor Tour service, and they’ve told their friends to contact with Hoang to rent motorbikes and get supports. Hoang, with his enthusiasm, even used his car to pick up and drop off travelers who had rented his motorbikes and by the way guided them through Hanoi’s sights. After 5 years, because of endless efforts of Hanoi Motor Tour’s whole team and staffs, the company has widely opened to own several tens motorbikes. Both foreigners and Vietnamese have been being served and satisfied with HMT services. Absolutely no criticizing comments were left while HMT did follow-up with the customers. If compared with other renting companies in the Ancient Streets, HMT is more friendly and accessible because HMT do not acquire main passports of foreign customers with strict compulsories. As said above, HMT takes care of the customers with its highest considerations. Whenever and wherever the customers need, that of course is HMT’s presence to meet. “Make Your Ways Easier” is HMT’s slogan, and the slogan actually urges HMT to commit to bring comfort and satisfaction to its customers all the time. HMT is proud to be the best motorbikes-for-rent company in Hanoi.

  In addition to using best services, when you rent our motorbikes, you will indirectly contribute to poor people from far away Hanoi or students who are trying hard in years to strike for their living as well as for their studying. After the motorbikes rented are taken back from the customers those motorbikes will be brought to garages where those poor students or people are working at. Therefore, by renting motorbikes of HMT, you are lending hands to help other people who have low starts to have better lives. Who knows that in the future, they can even change their destinies just from your today’s pennies?

 The year 2013 has witnessed an ongoing economic recession at all levels, in every continent and almost nations. Overcoming all hardship, with our restless efforts, our whole team has continued to carry out 2 new business projects: and . We believe that the playground we made is not just for some but for all.

We wish to send many respectfully sincere thanks to the customers and all friends who have been supporting us so that we can surely accomplish this project. May God bless you!

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